About Me

Sobre Paloma y BeautySpectator.com

For many years I have researched about beauty and skin care. Over time and after many tests, I have learned to differentiate between what works and what are empty promises.

Here you only find what I myself have learned, the products I’ve tried, treatments I’ve done and habits that over time have acquired and I have worked wonderfully.

With 40 years and mother of two girls, I know how it feels to be too busy to care, to follow a beauty regimen or caring for health. But I am passionate about beauty, skin care and body, and I know that when you want, the time to be well located. In fact, this has been a passion that accompanied me all my life, instilled by my mother and grandmother, also mothers-and also multitask!

I have spent 15 years working in the cosmetics industry, developing products and researching ingredients. This has allowed me to differentiate marketing gimmicks in an advertisement, of the ingredients that are actually in these products work and are good for our skin.
I think people are much more than an appearance but, at the same time, I think what we are influencing it. External beauty is a reflection of our state of full health. My philosophy has to do with this holistic approach to beauty as a reflection of the health of the body, our mental state of mind, the way we feed ourselves and obviously external factors to which we are exposed.

All the activities we do, how we eat, our sleep routine and even our thoughts are reflected when we find a mirror. This search, at least mine has to do strictly with achieving feel good, wonderful, beautiful, so I want to share all my findings. But, anyway, you need to know I’m not a dermatologist. All information published here has to do with my own experience, and a product that has been wonderful for me, might not be so good for you, why it is your responsibility to become echo of what you find on this site. Always worth consulting a dermatologist if you have any condition or disease in your skin. Remember that there are products for cosmetic use that may worsen certain conditions, and often, advice on diet or habits can help improve symptoms of skin disease but, anyway, need to accompany these efforts with specific medical treatment .

This site is my way of giving back to the world everything I’ve learned over time, is a tribute to the great women who influenced both my life and a hymn to beauty. I do not believe in vanity, believe in beauty as an outward expression of what we are inside and everything we share here with you, it has helped to shine me to find my own beauty and so feel in full, not only in outer.

Eager to share with you and help you look beautiful.